More than just a window

It allows you to see! It's an opening to another world bringing with it light, air and sound... what would yours look like?

More than just a window2020-11-06T10:43:39+01:00

Showering Chic

Start the day off in style with this ultra modern and sophisticated shower. A great deal of thought and attention went into making this bathroom the utmost in luxury and elegance.

Showering Chic2018-11-29T10:10:11+01:00

A room with a view

Imagine waking up every day and walking out onto this stunning balcony to enjoy your morning coffee! Why imagine it....?

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Love being the theme

One of our favourite photographs is this one !! This project was pretty big and pretty disruptive. Compromises are always made on jobs, wether its down to something not being actually possible or budget,  compromises are made ! What we Love about this photo is that this is just the side of someones house but there has been no [...]

Love being the theme2018-04-18T22:53:21+01:00

Curve Ball/Curve Wall

Ever thought of a curved wall ? Ever thought how its built ? Where would you start ? Well all these question we asked ourselves once ......................  Just so you know, its possible and the results are incredible !!! However trying to make one meet a pitched roof, thats another story. We grasp the chance [...]

Curve Ball/Curve Wall2018-04-18T22:53:25+01:00

Southbank City

In May 2016 we were given the opportunity to be part of a very big and intense refurbishment on one of Great Northern Inns many bars. We had three and half weeks to turn around a very much run down and in need City centre bar into a re branded Southbank City. Late nights, early morning's, traffic wardens, [...]

Southbank City2018-04-18T22:53:28+01:00

A Christmas kitchen

Christmas 2014 we were lucky enough that one of our clients enquired about a bespoke children's kitchen. This was a project for us that wasn't as much about money but more about saying thank you. Knowing we were more than capable of creating this one off, we agreed instantly, completely underestimating the time scale that something like this [...]

A Christmas kitchen2018-04-18T22:52:51+01:00

14 weeks in

One of our larger jobs, we are on at the moment, started back in October 2016. This was pretty much a full house renovation, loft conversion and wrap around extension. We are currently around 6 weeks from completion on this and we couldn't have hoped, up to this point, that it could have run any [...]

14 weeks in2018-04-18T22:52:51+01:00


We love a customer with good taste. As people we all have our own unique style and tastes, which a lot of the time suit our personalities in one way or another. We as a company are in such a lucky position as we get to witness and have our eyes opened to a vast [...]