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Our Story

Grice Construction is a Nottingham based company carrying out home developments, building and alterations on residential and commercial properties.

We position ourselves, due to our experience and continual positive client feedback, as an ideal company for all residential and commercial developments. Please review our Gallery and The Personal Touch to view some of our recent projects.

As a team we have high expectations of ourselves to deliver an exceptional service to you whilst ensuring that we make as small an impact as is possible on you and your home during the build.

Delivering a perfect finish is the easy bit for us. Making it as convenient and bearable is the bit we are constantly working to perfect.

We ensure all elements of the job are to the highest standards and will always work with you throughout the duration of the build to ensure you are happy with everything. We pride ourselves on being approachable and adaptable to ensure that any changes that arise during the build will always be discussed and amended where possible.

Meet some of the team

Who are we?

Michael Grice
Michael GriceDirector
Year created – 1984
Company born on Date – 2004
Status – 1.1
First aid – Level three
Speciality – Talking
Like – Organised houses
Dislike – Noise
Drink Requirements – Tea with milk no Sugar (medium to strong)

Russell Harling
Russell Harling Director
Year created – 1978
Company born on Date – 2012
Status – 2.2
First aid – Level three
Speciality – Brick Names & Dates
Like – Wells
Dislike – iPhones
Drink Requirements – Tea with Milk No sugar (strong)
Hesham Ramadan
Hesham Ramadan Director
Year created – 1983
Company born on Date – Unknown
Status – 2.2
First aid – Don’t ask this guy for help
Speciality – Quality control
Like – A little dance when something goes well
Dislike – Gaps in new skirting boards
Drink Requirements – coffee with milk, one Sugar (medium)
Michelle Madden
Michelle MaddenOffice Guru
Year Created – 1979
Company born on Date – 2017
Status – 2.2
First aid – Level two
Speciality – Button bashing
Like – Nice toilets
Dislike – Mud
Drink Requirements – Tea with milk, no sugar (medium)
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman Plumbing specialist
Year created – 1986
Company born on Date – 2015
Status – 2.0
First aid – Level two
Speciality – Liquid
Like – Dry pipework
Dislike – Mouse traps under baths
Drink Requirements – coffee with milk no Sugar (strong)
Gareth Jenkins
Gareth JenkinsJoiner
Year created – 1981
Company born on Date – 2019
Status – 2.2
First aid – Plaster specialist
Speciality – Working with wood
Like – A sharp pencil & chocolate biscuits
Dislike – Biscuits that don’t dunk well!
Drink Requirements – Tea, no sugar (strong)