One of our larger jobs, we are on at the moment, started back in October 2016. This was pretty much a full house renovation, loft conversion and wrap around extension. We are currently around 6 weeks from completion on this and we couldn’t have hoped, up to this point, that it could have run any smoother. The key to a smooth running job for us is each and every one of us in our team are continually communicating and looking forward to the next man in the chain. Having that bond and respect for your colleagues/friends is what creates a seamless transition between one job and the next.

The planning, foreseeing and anticipating of what’s required next, and therefore incorporating decisions, lead times and specification into the mix is what keeps the “hands on guys” doing what they do best.

And finally it’s a client who works along side us to make all the best decisions for them that makes their home theirs !!


………………… watch this space for the completed project !!!