Welcome to Grice Construction

Home Development, Building & Alterations

Grice Construction is a Nottingham based building company founded in 2003. We undertake all aspects of home development, building and alterations on residential and commercial properties.

Our professional team are a dedicated workforce, who are well regarded for their work and considerate approach to getting the job done. We work hard to ensure complete satisfaction with all work carried out and ensure the impact to you, your family and neighbours is as low as possible during the project.

The Personal Touch

More than just a window

It allows you to see! It's an opening to another world bringing with it light, air and sound... what would yours look like?

Showering Chic

Start the day off in style with this ultra modern and sophisticated shower. A great deal of thought and attention went into making this bathroom the utmost in luxury and elegance.

A room with a view

Imagine waking up every day and walking out onto this stunning balcony to enjoy your morning coffee! Why imagine it....?